5 Most Common Electrical Problems And How To Handle Them

5 Most Common Electrical Problems And How To Handle Them 

Having electrical issues at your home or place of business is a major inconvenience. While temporary issues may occur from time to time, some problems are more significant than others. Here is an overview of the most common electrical issues.

Problems With The Circuit Breaker

Your property’s circuit breaker helps prevent potential issues caused by short-circuiting or overloads. A circuit breaker can easily detect when something is damaging the current flow. While a circuit breaker may occasionally ignite to prevent a fire, it shouldn’t be happening on a regular basis. Watch your usage closely. Using a lot of electrical power at once could trigger the circuit breaker. However, if you’re only using a normal amount of electricity and believe that your circuit breaker is malfunctioning, it’s probably time to contact an electrician in Yardley, PA. ProMaxx Electric, Heating, & Cooling will assess the situation and get your electrical system functioning properly in a timely manner.

Dead Outlets

Perhaps your property has a small number of outlets. While it may not appear to be a big deal, This is actually a serious issue because there’s a strong chance that you’re overextending your existing outlets. Perhaps you have noticed a few power surges recently. You can purchase a long extension cord to reduce the pressure.

Secure the services of an electrician in New Hope, PA as soon as possible if you believe that you have dead outlets. Dead outlets may cause a fire and damage your home if left untreated. Our electricians will assess the situation and develop a safe course of action. We have the necessary tools to install a new outlet efficiently. We will troubleshoot and review the diagnostic results before making any quick decisions.

Damaged Extension Cord

It’s important to check your extension cords on a regular basis. Damaged or frayed extension cords will cause your electrical system to malfunction. Look at the plugs around your property to see if they have sustained any damage. Bent prongs are a red flag. Try to move cords out of the way while performing property maintenance. For example, vacuuming over a cord may weaken it over time. Consider covering your extension cords with a durable material to prevent quick erosion.


Brown-outs are noticeable dips in your electrical power. You may notice dim lights before they transition back to brightness in a few seconds. Constant brown-outs may cause long-term damage to your appliances. While protectors are available to minimize the impact of dips occurring in the future, our electricians will take care of the situation before it gets worse. There’s a chance you’re using an obsolete electrical panel, which leads to brownouts. We can install a new panel to provide a long-term solution to this issue.

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are always serious issues. If the wiring is severely corrupted, you may experience a shock if you try to touch certain objects. This is an urgent emergency that requires the immediate attention of an electrician.

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