Can Space Heaters Be More Energy Efficient Than Using Your Home’s Furnace

Can Space Heaters Be More Energy Efficient Than Using Your Home’s Furnace?

One of the most common arguments in the space heater vs. furnace battle is that while space heaters are better suited for heating up your room alone, your home’s furnace can heat up your entire house. But at the end of the day, which is better? Which is more efficient?

In this article, we will take a closer look at space heater efficiency, your home’s furnace efficiency, and which option is better in today’s high-energy-cost economy.

Space Heater Vs. Furnace – Which is Better?

There are many reasons to believe that a central heating system is more efficient than heating each room individually. However, modern central heating systems, such as inverter HVAC systems, are even more efficient.

This doesn’t necessarily include traditional furnaces or fireplaces.

At the same time, heating one room at a time when the room is in use is much more efficient than heating your entire home all at once. If you are energy or emission-conscious, you may benefit significantly from space heaters in this case.

Space heaters are generally more cost-efficient than furnaces since they require much less energy to run and maintain. They can also easily be moved from room to room, allowing you to customize your home’s heating system according to the season or weather.

As far as larger areas are concerned, modern central heating systems such as inverter HVAC systems may still be the best option for maximum efficiency. When looking to achieve more cost-efficiency, it is usually a better idea to consult HVAC companies in Bucks County, PA, as they can offer advice specific to your requirements.

A Closer Look At Space Heater Efficiency

Space heaters are actually quite efficient when used correctly. They can help you to save money and energy in the long run as they require much less energy than traditional furnaces. Of course, their efficiency depends on which type of space heater you are using.

For example, electric ceramic heaters tend to be more efficient than oil-filled radiators since they use radiant heating technology rather than conventional heating. This means that the heated air is not circulated throughout your room, but instead, it is directly transferred from the heater to your skin.

If your space heater is damaged, though, their efficiency decreases considerably, hence being even less energy efficient than furnaces. 

Final Words

In conclusion, space heaters can be much more efficient than using your home’s furnace. They are especially useful if you only need to heat up one room or a small area. However, for larger areas, a central heating system such as an inverter HVAC system may still be the best option for maximum efficiency. The ultimate factor, however, is the space you are trying to heat up. If you are looking for a reliable, more specific understanding of energy efficiency for your property, contact Promaxx Electric, Heating, & Cooling for heating repair service in Bensalem, PA.

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