Electric Vehicle Connector Types

Electric Vehicle Connector Types

When you buy an electric car, there are several decisions to make. From the car itself to the type of charger you buy, its accessories, and more. Each category also has several sub-decisions you’ll have to make to ensure better compatibility of the charger.

One key decision therein includes ensuring that the charger you buy is going to be compatible with your vehicle. For that, you need the right connector based on your car’s make and model. As you can assume, most car manufacturers upgrade their connectors with time to improve their charger’s cost efficiency and speed.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of electric car connectors available in the market today, including their features and usability. Furthermore, we will also discuss how these connectors are installed and what an electrician in West Chester, PA can do to ensure a safe and secure connection.

Different Electric Vehicle Connector Types

There are four distinct types of electric vehicle connectors that are commonly used today. They are Type 1, Type 2, CCS Combo, and Tesla Supercharger connectors. Let’s take a closer look at all these to see which one you should opt for.

Type 1 Electric Vehicle Connectors

Type 1 electric vehicle connectors are the most common ones available. They have single-phase AC and a DC connection, which are primarily used by Japanese car manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, and Mitsubishi. This type of connector usually supports charging from 16 Amp up to 32 Amp currents. It may also come with additional support for 6kW or 10kW fast charging options.

Type 2 Electric Vehicle Connectors

Type 2 electric vehicle connectors are quite similar to Type 1 except that they have three-phase AC connections instead of single-phase. These connectors are commonly used by European car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen. They can support currents from 16 Amps up to 63 Amps, with additional support for fast charging options like 22kW and 43kW.

CCS Combo Electric Vehicle Connectors

The CCS Combo electric vehicle connector is a combination of Type 1 and Type 2 connectors. It has both single-phase AC as well as three-phase AC connection and supports current from 16 Amp up to 63 Amps. This type of connector is commonly used by American car manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Tesla, and Ford. The plus point in this connector is that it comes with additional support for fast charging options up to 50kW or higher.

Tesla Supercharger Electric Vehicle Connectors

This type of electric vehicle connector is exclusively designed for Tesla vehicles only. It is quite similar to CCS Combo connectors, but the major difference is that it has a higher charging current of up to 120 Amps and comes with additional support for fast charging options up to 150kW or even higher.

How An Expert Electrician Can Help Install The Right Vehicle Connectors

It is important that electric vehicle connectors are installed correctly in order to ensure the safety of the user and their car. This installation process should be done only by a qualified electrician.

The installation process involves checking your car’s battery system and wiring connections, determining the right type of connector based on your car’s make and model, and then connecting the cable safely according to its specifications. Additionally, the electrician may also check the charger’s compatibility and amperage.

By opting for an expert installation job from an electrician in Wayne, PA, you can be sure that your electric vehicle connectors are properly installed and in optimal working condition. This will help you benefit from the most efficient charging times and ensure the safety of your car.

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