Staying Safe From Electrical Hazards During A Storm

Staying Safe From Electrical Hazards During A Storm

Storms bring about heavy winds, rain, and thunder. Unfortunately, storms and electrical hazards also go hand in hand. During extreme weather conditions, use these tips to protect yourself and your family from electrical hazards.

Unplug Equipment Before Storms

Power surges are typical during storms, which can fry electrical equipment. However, going near electrical equipment during a storm is unsafe. That same power surge can also cause serious harm to you or members of your family. If you know that a storm is coming, unplug electrical equipment. If you can’t unplug it beforehand, try to avoid unplugging it. It’s always better to be safe instead of sorry. Do not plug it back in until the storm is over.

Move Electrical Equipment Away From Areas That Flood

If you have an area in your house that floods, such as a basement, it’s critical to move anything electrical out of the area. Moving it across the room might seem like a good idea, but it’s impossible to tell how much water a storm will bring in. That’s why moving all electrical equipment out of the room is critical. This includes smaller items, such as a small dehumidifier. If it can’t be moved, make sure that it’s unplugged.

Avoid Anything Electrical

Something as simple as using a laptop plugged into the charger can result in electrocution. So can using a landline telephone. Instead, use some battery-powered lanterns while the storm passes. Make sure you have some things to do in case of a storm if you live in an area prone to storms.

Don’t Touch Light Switches

It’s important not to touch light switches throughout the house. Flicking the switch off and on can result in electrocution. Unfortunately, it’s common for people to do this to see if their power is back on if a storm knocked it out. Instead, look outside and see if the street lights are on. Streetlights will start working again when power is restored to your area. In the meantime, stick with flashlights and battery-powered lanterns.

Contact An Electrician

After a storm has passed, it’s tempting to try some DIY electrical repairs to take care of any damage. However, part of staying safe includes staying safe after the storm has passed. If power has not been restored to your area, there could be a power surge when it is, resulting in electrocution. Even if that’s not the case, attempting electrical work with little or no education in the area can be dangerous. Instead, contact the best electrician in Philadelphia.

In Conclusion

Staying safe during extreme weather conditions should always be your top priority. Helping to keep you safe is one of our main priorities. The second one is making sure that your electrical needs are met. Give us a call to discuss your needs with an experienced, educated team of electricians in West Chester, PA, today!

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